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Workers brave cold and snow to make sure Farm Show is a success

HARRISBURG, Pa. - While all of the action at the Pennsylvania Farm Show takes place inside the exhibition complex, there's plenty of work that goes on behind-the-scenes outdoors.

For Dave Semerod, a maintenance supervisor, and Evan White, the cold temperatures could be felt as they drove a Bobcat vehicle with a salt spreader around the complex.

"We're just getting the sidewalks and the places that the regular salt spreader can't reach, like the bus stops, small sidewalks and that sort of thing," he said.

Their work is critical to making sure visitors do not slip and fall in the cold temperatures. Those visitors also want as short of a walk to the complex as they can get, which can make things difficult for the traffic control attendants.

"It's very hard to do because everyone likes to park in front of the door, the door's only so big and we try to accommodate however we can," said Dave Colyer, one of those attendants as he directed traffic.

For the attendants who have to stand out in the elements for hours at a time, they say they can handle any precipitation, but the colder temperatures from the weekend required more preparation than usual.

Monday wasn't "too bad but the past two days, they were pretty rough," said Melissa Cop, a traffic attendant. "The weather, you bundle in layers and you try to keep it as warm as you can and put hand warmers in and just do the best you can."

Workers say seeing the exhibitors and visitors content after a day of fun makes the job worthwhile.

"Most of the customers work with each other and that helps us get our job done a lot better," Colyer said.