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The Science of Comedy

NEW CUMBERLAND, Pa--- FOX43's Chris Garrett wanted to do something different for 2018 and take on something out of his comfort zone... comedy! He sat down with comedian Earl David Reed t o learn the science of this craft. Comedy has been mastered by many people like Murphy, Carlin and Chappelle but, now Chris wants to try it out.

With 15 years of stand up comedy on his resume, Earl is a trendsetter in comedy and radio world. He has performed at over 100 comedy clubs and colleges, including performing in Las Vegas and Atlantic City. So his words carry weight.

Earl gave Chris some tips to be a good comedian. He told Chris to remember to be prepared, have material ready, be comfortable on stage and look relaxed.

Lastly, BE FUNNY. If you do all these things, you will be a great comedian!

If you would like to see Chris in action, checkout the information below:

The Secret of my Unsuccess with Earl David Reed and Chris Garrett will be  Saturday, January 27 at 8pm in Hanover at the The Eichelberger Performing Arts Center.  For ticket information log on to