FestivICE celebrates winter in downtown York

YORK, Pa.-- The city of York was cold as ice on Saturday, and it wasn't just because of the weather!

People turned out for the annual FestivICE winter fun event. It was a celebration of winter, from children's activities to foods and the creation of ice sculptures.  Carvers took to the sidewalks surrounding York's Central Market and mesmerized the crowds with their work.

"Their artistic ability to create something from a block of ice is amazing and how they can make it shiny or dull; you learn a lot through the process," said Marlene Connelly who attended the event.

Crowds were lighter than usual this year; the wind chill was likely to blame. However, the cold weather didn't stop people who braved the weather from having fun. Many warmed up between activities with bonfires that were set up along the street.

This was the fourth year FestivICE was held in downtown York.