York County Sheriff’s office warns of a scam

YORK, Pa — A man posing as a sheriffs deputy has been calling residents, demanding money, and threatening victim’s with arrest if they don’t comply.

The York County Sheriff’s office warns residents of a scam, where a man claiming to be with the department to solicit money from victims.

The caller identifies himself as Mark Davis, and claims to be a deputy sheriff or a process server for the York County Sheriff’s office. The caller demands money from the victims to settle supposed debts, warrants or court fees and threatens them with arrest i they don’t comply.

The phone number displayed on the phone I.D. display’s a local phone number and area code.

He has even went as far as meeting with the individuals he calls at the steps of a local courthouse with payment for these fee’s.

The York County Sheriff’s Office wants to remind people that they will not call to collect fees or debts, or to satisfy warrants.

If you receive this type of phone solicitation, please gather as much information as possible and immediately contact your local police department.