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‘Ask Evan’: What is the purpose of the cameras near traffic lights?

Tonight's 'Ask Evan' question deals with cameras you may see at various intersections.

Melissa M in Lancaster County ask, "I've recently noticed more and more major intersections have cameras installed around the traffic lights.  Are these red light cameras for issuing tickets?"

I got in touch with the folks at PennDOT about your question.  The only red light cameras in the state are in Philadelphia and that is because of legislation.  The only way to add them to any other place in the state will be through legislation as well.  There has been some discussion about that-- but as of right now the only red light cameras remain in Philadelphia.

The cameras you are referring to are simply detection cameras.  They detect traffic and send a signal to change the traffic light to allow traffic to make a movement.

You may also be noticing emergency transponders.  Those are in place to change the light cycle for emergency responders approaching the intersection.  There is no video; no recording; no one can see anything -- just traffic or emergency vehicle detection.

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