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Drawn-out snow conditions bring around the clock work for PennDOT drivers

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HARRISBURG, P.A. --- PennDOT crews worked around the clock Tuesday to keep roads safe during the long, drawn-out snowfall.
PennDOT officials say crews will work until midnight Tuesday and another shift will start at that time going into Wednesday morning. 
Truck operator Ian Williams said during winter weather, shifts cycle on and off.
"They normally run two shifts so you do catch a break and you get to go home and sleep," said Williams. 
Dale Good, PennDOT Senior Manager in Dauphin County said the drawn-out snows put a strain on the drivers and their resources, such as salt.
"They have to keep going back and re-applying material so we use more material in a drawn out storm rather than a one time, go out and take care of it in five or six hours and we're done," said Good.
Officials say ice isn't as much of an issue with this passing storm.
Good said the problem spots are around slushy turning lanes. 
"Keep a safe distance between the car in front of them and watch out for our trucks out there on the road. Give them ample space to do their thing," said Good. 
Good said they'll decide Tuesday evening whether or not to bring truck operators in for a regular shift, starting at 7 a.m. Wednesday or allow them to come in at noon.