Etters woman facing charges after allegedly driving under the influence, stealing food from a Rutter’s

YORK COUNTY, Pa.– An Etters woman is facing charges after allegedly stealing food and driving under the influence of alcohol.

Trisha Lebo, 38, is facing DUI, retail theft, and disorderly conduct among other related charges for her role in the  incident.

On January 11 around 9:15 p.m., an officer stopped at the Rutter’s Gas Station in the 1000 block of Old Trail Road in Newberry Township.

Upon entering the store, the officer came upon a woman later identified as Lebo, who was arguing with a Rutter’s employee.

Lebo had allegedly began eating food made for another customer, and when an employee confronted her, she took a pre-made cheeseburger and concealed it in her pocket. Then, she returned the cheeseburger, and opened up a bag of chips and began eating it.

Rutter’s employees asked Lebo if she was going to pay for the items, and she falsely claimed that she had paid for them.

The officer spoke with Lebo, and noticed that her eyes were red and glassy and her speech was slurred. Lebo told the officer that she’s an alcoholic and was at home before she came to the store.

Lebo told the officer she paid for the food, and gave him an ATM receipt.

When the officer asked if Lebo had consumed alcohol that night, she said she had drank four beers, and that her Audi sedan was parked outside with its engine still running and its lights on.

The officer began to question the Rutter’s employee about the incident, at which time Lebo called the employees a number of names and said that she was a charge nurse at a local hospital and should be let go, according to the criminal complaint.

Lebo allegedly attempted to walk away from the police officer, at which time she was placed in handcuffs.

The officer asked Lebo to engage in field sobriety tests, and she refused. At that time, the officer told Lebo she was incapable of safe driving and placed her into custody for DUI and retail theft.

Now, Lebo is facing charges.