FOX43 Finds Out: Faulty appliances

MOUNT JOY, Pa -- There's usually a tub of cookies on hand at the Gotowski's house in Mount Joy, Lancaster County.

"My wife loves to make cookies. That's what happen. The original oven couldn't hold temperature and we looked to get it fixed."

Matthew Gotowski says that's when he called General Electric to see if the company could send someone to fix the oven.

He was told that wouldn't be possible and was offered on a discount on a new oven instead.

About a week later a new oven showed up.

"The delivery people came, they picked up the oven that was not working good, but it was working, dropped off a new oven and as soon as they left - my son was there - and it starts flashing this F720. We looked up what 720 means and it you have to replace the control board," said Gotowski.

Which Gotowski says resulted in calls and emails back and forth for GE.

More than a week later, oven number 3 was on the way.

"They called up and said Mr Grotowski we`re almost at your house, we have your gas oven. Well, we have an electric house. So we need an electric oven. The first one was an electric oven. The replacement was an electric oven, I don`t know how they messed up the electric oven," he said.

All of this was happening right around Christmas.

At this point, Gotowski just wanted his money back which he says took at least another 7 days.

For about a month, Gotowski and his family were eating takeout almost every meal.

"It`s a lot of eating out, ya know? We asked them if they would help us out with that and they said they don`t do that."

Paying for food wasn't the biggest hurdle the Gotowski's were facing at this point either.

"While this is all going on, my son is waiting for a 5 organ transplant and he went into Hershey Medical because of complications on December 22nd," said Gotowski.

Then Gotowski says, a Christmas miracle happened.

"The kind folks where my wife works at Seven Sorrows heard about our dilemma and they went out and took up a collection and help get another oven and they bought the one that we were looking for from a local GE."

He says after that, it only took a day to get the new oven from the General Electric dealer in Mount Joy.

Gotowski said "It was really nice that the local community came it and helped us out because we were stretched a little thin there."

Meanwhile, the second oven that never worked - is still sitting in Gotowski's garage.

In an email, GE told him to scrap it.

"I hope the oven gets fixed and someone can use it. I`d love to pass it on"

As for his advice for people who have to call GE customer service in the future: "Well, I would say good luck," said Gotowski.

FOX43 Finds Out did contact General Electric, we were sent this response: "If a consumer has a product issue, it is always GE Appliances` goal to provide a solution that meets or exceeds our owners expectations. We apologize for the inconvenience Mr. Gotowski experienced. We have worked with him to remedy the situation to his satisfaction by refunding the purchase price of his range."

We also asked GE how it's possible Gotowski received an oven that doesn't work and a gas oven when he only has electric. GE did not answer those questions.

Gotowski said, if he needs another new appliance, he would buy it from a local General Electric dealer, instead of dealing with corporate.

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