Australian customer returns sandwich because of ‘off-center cut,’ causes stir on social media

From the Corowa RSL Facebook page

AUSTRALIA — To at least one dissatisfied Australian restaurant customer, there’s clearly no such thing as “close enough.”

According to, the Corowa RSL Club, a restaurant on the New South Wales-Victoria border in Australia, a woman was upset over how her sandwich was cut and demanded a replacement, because the one she had been served was cut slightly off-center.

After complying with her demand — the customer IS always right, after all — the kitchen staff decided to conduct its own investigation.

They discovered the customer was correct — the sandwich had been asymmetrically sliced.

Measurements proved that one half of the sandwich was 6 centimeters wide, while the other half was (gasp!) only five centimeters.

The restaurant’s Facebook page put up a light-hearted post about the incident.

“Close but not close enough,” the Facebook post reads. “The girls were 5mm off a direct (center) cut yesterday. This was brought back as a legitimate complaint + the roll was replaced.

“For those who have worked in hospitality you will understand the randomness — if you can’t have a laugh life will be pretty dull.”

There is no word whether the customer was satisfied with her replacement sandwich.