City of Lancaster voids all street sweeping violation tickets from Thursday, January 18

Getting Cars Back After Snow Emergency

LANCASTER — More than 700 street sweeping violation tickets issued on Thursday in Lancaster will be voided, the City of Lancaster announced Friday.

The uptick in tickets, 732 total to be exact, was noticed right away by the Lancaster Parking Authority. And after many residents reached out to the city, citing confusion because of the recent ice and snow build-up along the parking lanes and curb lanes, the “once-in-a-lifetime voidance” decision was made.

“The Lancaster Parking Authority was doing their job, and so was the Department of Public Works,” Mayor Danene Sorace said. “However, we need to do a better job in letting residents know when street sweeping rules are in effect and remind residents to assume they are in effect unless otherwise notified.”

Those residents who have already paid their tickets should seek a refund from the Lancaster Parking Authority. Refund checks will be issued sometime next week.

Residents are advised to assume that street sweeping is happening unless specifically canceled or if the City declares a Snow Emergency. If unsure, they should call the City’s Streets Hotline at (717) 735-3300 ext. 3921 for a daily update of street cleaning operations. Cancellations will be posted on the City’s website, Facebook, Twitter and Nextdoor.