New York nonprofit looks to help fallen U.S. Marshal’s family

HARRISBURG, P.A. --- The mourning remains fresh following the shooting death of Deputy U.S. Marshal Christopher Hill Thursday morning in Harrisburg.

"To us, he's a hero but let's pull it back some. He's a father, he's a husband, he's a brother, he's an uncle...," said Harrisburg Police Chief Thomas Carter.

Members of the Steven Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation in Staten Island, New York saw the incident on the news from home.

They came to Harrisburg Friday looking to help ease the pain.

"I knew it was our duty and obligation to make sure that we, as Americans, come together to take care of the family that was left behind," said Chairman and CEO Steven Siller.

The nonprofit, inspired by a firefighter Steven Siller, who was killed in 9/11, aims to make life a little easier for families of military members and first responders who die in the line of duty.

After seeing Deputy Hill's background as an army veteran and first responder, Siller said they felt they had to help an "extraordinary" case.

"He was involved in so many situations that put his life in danger. What an American hero who paid and made the ultimate sacrifice," said Siller.

Their foundation is committing $100,000 to help pay off the Hill family's mortgage payments.

However, officials say they're looking to double their donation in order for Deputy Hill's family to live comfortably.

Siller said they're challenging others to help reach that goal.

"We must, as a nation, come together to make sure that we say to these families: if you're husband or your wife go out and protect our streets and our neighborhoods and our country that if something happens to them, that we, as Americans, are going to take care of the family left behind," said Siller.

It's a "promise and commitment" they're making to Deputy Hill's wife and two children.

"In a very, very short period of time, Deputy Hill's family will never have to worry about their home again. God knows they have enough to deal with," said Siller.

He also said "100%" of the money raised will go solely towards Deputy Hill's family's mortgage.

If they exceed that total, the money will stay with Deputy Hill's family.

To donate, visit a link to their website here or call the toll-free number 844-BRAVEST (1-844-272-8378).