Harrisburg teachers attend workshop on childhood trauma and poverty

HARRISBURG, Pa.-- Teachers in the Harrisburg School District gathered on their day off Saturday, for a training workshop on childhood poverty and trauma. The goal was to help teachers learn how to deal with students who have suffered childhood trauma, and how it can effect their brains in the classroom.

A representative from TranZed Alliance Center says it's important for teachers to continue to learn,  just like students.

"Teachers are lifelong learners, we're teaching students and we want to continue to learn too. Sometimes teaching can be hard, we're working with a lot of different students with a lot of different needs, so it's important to meet the needs of all of our students," said Shauna Turner, a consultant with TranZed Alliance.

English teacher Traci Moyer said, "There are actually things teachers can do to kind of help the students compartmentalize that, so the learning does come to the forefront, that they learn the strageties they need and the teachers learn what they need to help them."

The TranZed Alliance works to achieve social, emotional and academic growth in children through the way adults engage with them.