‘Scary’: neighbors describe road where man hit & killed by car in Manchester Township, York County

MANCHESTER TOWNSHIP, YORK COUNTY, Pa. --  Northern York County Regional Police are investigating the death of a man, who was struck and killed, while simply crossing the street.

Police say he was walking on the 1600 block of North George Street, near Route 30, when he was hit by a car.

There are no sidewalks and no lights where the man was hit.

Neighbors say children get picked up for school along the roadway, and it's concerning how fast people drive.

"A lot of traffic, people going way too fast. I've lost 3 mailboxes in two years," described Scott Somerville, a neighbor.

"People, they drive erratically down here. They drive up and down the highways like the trucks, coming by, speeding down, and you hear them put their brakes on at the last minute. It's scary," said Lori Conrad, who also lives nearby.

Northern York County Regional Police shut down the area Saturday morning to investigate the death of 60-year-old Branko Joldzic who lived nearby.

Police say he was struck by a car last Thursday evening around 10 when he tried to cross the road.

According to neighbors, the victim's one of many people who either walk along the road or try to cross the street.

"All the time, there's people who walk, and they just use my front lawn there," said Somerville.

"People walking along the street at crazy hours of the night, kids running through, people walking through the center median up there," added Conrad.

While talking to Conrad, FOX43 caught someone doing it too.

Now, neighbors say changes need to be made.

"It would nice if the traffic were slower,"  stated Somerville.

"Definitely lights, like street lights. You can't see the people walking up here, and I bet the person who hit that guy, I bet she didn't see him," said Conrad.

Northern York County Regional Police say the 29-year-old woman who hit the man is cooperating with authorities.

They have not said what came out of today's investigation and ask anyone with information on the crash to contact them.