York Women’s March inspires many to consider running for office

YORK, Pa.-- Women's marches were held in cities across the country over the weekend, including in York.

Some of those participating in Sunday's event traveled to Washington, D.C. last year, and were happy to have a local event. For them, the big issues are immigration and women in leadership roles.

"Some statistics say here in the U.S. and many countries have very low representation of Women in the government in the local and national levels and I think that needs to be changed," said Sdepanka Kortytova, who attended the York event.

Sandy Gordon, also at Sunday's march said, "This is a conservative area and when we're getting this many people coming by honking and waving, I think it's pretty amazing and makes you feel good."

Some of the women at the event in York say they are now considering running in upcoming elections.