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New Cumberland man will serve 22 to 45 years for killing his infant daughter

CARLISLE — A New Cumberland man convicted of murdering his 6-month-old daughter in 2016 will serve 22 to 45 years in prison after being sentenced Tuesday in Cumberland County Court.

Devin T. Kohr, 25, was found guilty of third-degree murder last November. Prosecutors said he was the only person present in bedroom where his daughter, Desirae, died in May of 2016.

The girl’s mother was out of town at the time, investigators said. When she called Kohr to ask how the girl was doing, he told her Desirae was having difficulty breathing. The mother advised him to call an ambulance.

The baby died shortly afterward, according to investigators.

An autopsy showed the baby died of traumatic asphyxiation and traumatic brain injury.

Kohr was the baby’s only caregiver on the day she died. A relative later told police that Kohr had stated he kicked the baby’s swing, causing her to fall and hit her head.

The medical examiner stated in the criminal complaint and affidavit that the baby’s injuries were too traumatic to come from falling out of a swing.