Bud Light promises to give the city of Philadelphia free beer if Eagles win the Super Bowl

PHILADELPHIA– A promise made before the beginning of the NFL season may come to fruition if the Philadelphia Eagles win the Super Bowl.

At the beginning of August, Bud Light tweeted an offer of free beer to the entire city of Philadelphia (of legal drinking age, of course) if the Eagles would win the Super Bowl to OT Lane Johnson:

Originally, Johnson had offered everyone in the city a free beer, but Bud Light decided to offer to pick up the tab if the team does pull off the Super Bowl victory.

In recent days, fans and beer-drinkers alike have reminded Bud Light of their offer, which the company says still stands:

Of course, Bud Light has gained added popularity during the final months of 2017 for advertisements depicting Bud Light drinkers in the medieval times. One of the catch phrases of the commercials, “Dilly Dilly!”, is used to express excitement or a cheers, and has been a bit of a rallying cry in Philadelphia, where it has often been changed to “Philly Philly!”

Bud Light heard the fans loud and clear, and posted a message of their own after the Eagles trounced the Vikings in the NFC Championship Game on Sunday: