PennDOT takes advantage of warmer weather with winter painting

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CUMBERLAND COUNTY, P.A. --- Pennsylvania Department of Transportation crews put down temporary paint lines between exit 57 and 59 Friday on I-81 north and southbound.

Officials say they will do more paint projects Saturday on I-81 between exit 70 and 72.

Fritzi Schreffler with PennDOT said they are hearing a lot of complaints from drivers about the paint projects.

However, she said they're lucky to be able to do this kind of work in January with warmer temperatures.

She said while it doesn't seem like any work is being done in the winter, it's still an active work zone.

"The reason the lanes aren't smooth, the reason you don't see really bright lines right now is because it's still kind of temporary," said Schreffler.

She said a myriad of factors play in to when PennDOT crews can work the roads, including traffic volume, residual salt and the winter air temperature.

"We need it closer to 50 for the paint to actually adhere and stay on the road," said Schreffler.

Schreffler said crews are doing what they can but weather isn't cooperating.

For example, she said temporary paint put down in Dauphin County two weeks ago was gone in a matter of two days.

She said that's the same case everywhere.

"Given that we're not even quite halfway through winter, what are the chances we're going to have to come back and do it again? Probably pretty good," said Schreffler.

She said their consistent back and forth paint jobs will continue for at least the next couple months.

"When the spring comes and we're either milling or diamond grinding the road down to smooth everything out and paving, then we'll be able to put permanent paint lines down," said Schreffler.

She also said they will not do painting projects during rush hour times.

Officials say pay attention to road signs and use better judgement where you'd expect the proper lane to be.

Also, give the painting trucks a couple car lengths of distance unless you want an unexpected paint job on your car.

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