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Off-campus housing to be eliminated at Dickinson College

CARLISLE, Cumberland County, Pa.-- A number of Dickinson College students are disappointed after learning they will no longer be eligible for off-campus housing.

According to a college spokesman, a new residence hall is under construction on High Street. Once finished, it will provide housing to an additional 120-students, eliminating the need for off-campus housing. The school says the change will increase involvement with on-campus life.

Craig Layne, Assistant Director of Media Relations at Dickinson College says, "There are a lot of options for our students to be engaged in the community and to sort of have that adult experience, but it's beneficial for the college for a number of reasons to have all of our students living on campus. We have a very engaged student body, having them on campus, centrally located, gives them more opportunities to engage with each other, with guest speakers, with events, athletics, and with everything Dickinson has going on here."

However, many students tell FOX43 they feel they are losing the opportunity to gain real life experiences.

"It's just frustrating because we feel as upperclassmen we have earned our place in our ability to have off-campus housing and so that was definitely a bummer. We're just upset because we feel like it seems to be more controlling and less freeing," said Caroline Wilder, a junior at Dickinson.

The changes at Dickinson College are expected to take effect this Fall.