Creating a Super Bowl commercial

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DAUPHIN COUNTY, Pa.-- All eyes will be on the Super Bowl Sunday not only to see if the Eagles win, but also for the commercials!  A lot of production goes into the commercials, and Monday morning  FOX43 sent Drew Anderson to see how some of it is done.

He got to see how Progressive Studios, edits and alters live music for a commercial.

Progressive Studios' intern works on music production.

Wayward Giants, a local band, was in studio as Drew and Joe Trojcak listened from the control room where the audio mixing happens.

Wayward Giants playing in studio.

Joe says audio mixing is a lot like making a cake, but better. "The good thing is you can remove the most recent ingredient (or in this case music components) with two clicks whereas when you bake and put too much in, you're cooked."

Joe also says it's tough to make music track sound good for all different speakers from your car, to earbuds, laptops.

A music keyboard at Progressive Studios.

For more information on the studios, click here, and for more information on the band, click here.

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