Dillsburg man charged with using hidden camera to capture video of woman using the bathroom

DILLSBURG, York County — A 51-year-old Dillsburg man is charged with possession of child pornography and invasion of privacy after police say he used a hidden camera to capture video footage of a woman using the bathroom in his home.

Carroll Township Police filed the charges against Wray A. Bassett, of the first block of Old Mill Road, last Wednesday, according to the criminal complaint.

The victim alerted police on June 12, 2017, after finding a GoPro camera wrapped in a washcloth recording her while she used the bathroom at Wray’s home.

The woman was an employee of Bassett, police say.

According to police the victim took the camera to the kitchen of the home and confronted Wray, who admitted he was using it to capture images of her. He asked the victim to stay so he could talk to her, but the victim left the residence and went directly to police.

Between the time that the victim left Wray’s home and her arrival at the Carroll Township Police Station, police say, Wray texted the victim twice. One said “I realize I ruined trust in me and I am a fool. I have no excuse except my lousy (and lonely) life. It was not fair to try and grab a peek.”

The second text said “I have never felt this bad in my life and I can only imagine you are feeling 1,000% worse and that is killing me,” police say.

While the victim was speaking to police at the station, Wray allegedly sent another text that read “I am truly sorry,” police say.

Police obtained a warrant to search Wray’s residence and collected 17 items, including a GoPro camera, a silver Apple Mac Book Pro Tower, and an Apple iPhone.

According to police, a forensic search of the computer tower revealed 48 different video clips and numerous still images of the victim using the restroom in Wray’s home. Police say they also discovered seven images of eight females under the age of 18 who were fully or partially nude saved on the computer as well.

Police interviewed Wray, who allegedly admitted to concealing the GoPro in his bathroom to capture images of the victim using it.