Harrisburg eBay listing for bogus handicapped placards bothers some drivers

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HARRISBURG, Pa. -- It's an online listing that caught the attention of eBay - fake handicap placards being sold on the website, out of Harrisburg.

FOX43 contacted eBay about the listing, and it was subsequently taken down after the website became aware of it.

However, the advertisement sparked conversation among some drivers who actually need and use those placards.

PennDOT does have a database of people who are legally issued handicap placards or license plates. InĀ order to get them, people who have either permanent or temporary disabilities need to submit an application.

Some drivers we spoke with say it's important those placards and plates, stay in the hands of people who need them.

Drivers like Alicia Davidson and her husband say they expect to find open handicapped parking spaces while out and about.

"Both of us have problems. We just can't walk that far because of knee issues and whatever," said Alicia Davidson.

They keep their handicapped placard readily available on their visor.

"You try to be as polite as possible about using it, even though you're allowed, and you've got people who just, 'I'm just running in!' And they park in and run in or they'll park over two spaces, one of them is a handicap space," she explained.

A Harrisburg eBay listing for handicapped placards advertised, 'park anywhere you want' in any state. 13 were sold for $10 a piece before the website removed the listing.

"First off, I think the people who are doing it are thieves so are the people buying them," said Davidson.

Davidson says the process to apply for a handicapped placard or license plate is not incredibly complicated.

"To get this, we spoke to our doctor. He said, 'oh yeah, give me the paperwork.' I went online, got a free form, printed it out, handed it to my doctor. I sent it in, and we got it," she said.

There are permanent and situational placards available for those who qualify.

"If you have a temporary condition whether you had surgery, broke your legs, whatever, you can get a temporary placard," said Alexa Campbell, a spokeswoman for PennDOT.

All an eligible driver has to do is apply.

"I believe there are 11 overarching things, and then of course, there's nuances in that, and those conditions need to be certified by a healthcare professional and then submitted to PennDOT," said Campbell.

There's no fee to apply, just the cost of mailing the form and just one thing drivers should know so they aren't breaking the law.

"The person that is being transported or is driving should be the one using the placard," stated Campbell.

PennDOT has a tipline for cases of bogus handicapped placards. Email penndottips@pa.gov if you notice anything suspicious.

As for eBay, a spokesman told FOX43 that the listing violated the website's policy and informed the seller it cannot be sold on the marketplace.

FOX43 checked other websites to see if there were other similar listings, but we could not find any others.

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