Harrisburg advertising agency holds annual Spot Bowl; vote until noon Monday

HARRISBURG, Pa.-- While many people enjoy watching the Super Bowl for the football, there are some viewers who focus more on the commercials.

Strategists gathered in Harrisburg Sunday night for the Annual Spot Bowl.
It was hosted by Pavone, a group that monitors how well the prime-time commercials perform. They've been doing this for 15-years and say they've seen a number of advertising changes.

Most popular, brands airing their spots before the big game airs. They also say public feedback has increased and of course the cost of those coveted slots have gone up with a spot now costing about 5-million dollars.

Amy Murray, Chief Operating Officer at Pavone says, "In most cases, they're publicly held, so they have shareholders who are looking at them and saying, `Why are you spending 5-million dollars to run a spot during the Super Bowl?' These brands are trying to assert they are industry leaders or they have a new technology or a new product they believe consumers will be interested in."

Strategists say patriotic advertisements and comedic spots tend to sit the best with viewers of the Super Bowl.

You can vote for your favorite ad until Monday at noon. To cast your ballot, click here: http://www.spotbowl.com