Eagles fans celebrate Super Bowl win at Mr. G’s in Harrisburg

HARRISBURG, Pa. -- A nail-biting Super Bowl game kept Philadelphia Eagles fans in Harrisburg on their toes.

Some of those fans packed Mr. G's Sports Bar for the big game.

The only colors to be found inside the bar? Green, white, and black as the place only allowed those with Eagles garb inside its doors.

A special popup bar was put up outside Mr. G's for the Super Bowl LII game; owners anticipated a big crowd.
Fans celebrated the first time the Eagles made it so far in the season since 2005 and prayed for a NFL championship win.
One group of dedicated friends even made a special promise during the Eagles last super bowl appearance.
"If they win, we all as a core made a pact twelve years ago that we're all going to get an Eagles tattoo. I cant wait. I hope it happens. I'm going to remain humble, and then just hope for the best, and go Birds!" said Brent Zeiders, a diehard fan.

Guess one tattoo shop will get some new customers!