Video: Dog starts fire in Massachusetts home by trying to steal some leftover pancakes

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MASSACHUSETTS — All the poor pooch wanted was some unattended leftover pancakes.

Now rover’s probably in the doghouse.

A video posted to Facebook from the Southwick Fire Department in Southwick, Mass., shows a narrow escape one homeowner had when his dog accidentally hit the ignition switch on a gas stove while trying to get to some pancakes that had been left on top of it.

The video shows the importance of fire safety — and of having a good alarm, the fire department said in its post.

The full text:

Alarms Work!
We would like to thank a local resident for sharing this video. First, we always caution about putting items on the stove. In this case, the family pet decided to help themselves to some leftover pancakes while the owners were away. Unfortunately, the dog hit the ignition button on the gas stove. Within minutes you will see the itemĀ on stove begin to ignite. In this case, the homeowner was connected to a monitored alarm system calling responders saving severe damage. If you have pets or young children in the home look into safety covers for your stove controls.

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