FOX43 Poll: How should future space exploration be funded?

Falcon Heavy is a brand new rocket that's set to launch for the first time ever on February 6, SpaceX announced on Saturday.

SpaceX made history Tuesday with the launch of its first Falcon Heavy rocket, and founder Elon Musk hopes the successful test flight of the world’s most powerful launching system leads to a new space race, according to

“I think it’s going to open up a sense of possibility,” Musk said of his freshly demonstrated 23-story launcher. “We want a new space race. Space races are exciting.”

Musk, founder of SpaceX and the Tesla electric car company, hopes the launch will encourage other private companies to step forward and invest in their own space technology.

If that happened, government-funded entities, like NASA, could lose their leadership position in the space race.

Would that be a good idea? Let us know in today’s FOX43 poll.