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Messy snow events costing townships more to maintain roads

SOUTH MIDDLETON TOWNSHIP, CUMBERLAND COUNTY, P.A. --- Supervisor Tom Faley said they've seen more messy, slush days this winter compared to last.

While that means less plowing, Faley said it's going to be an "expensive year" for the township.

He said on average, South Middleton Township sends trucks to plow and lay down salt with anti-skid material about 20 times, per winter.

Last year, he said they only had to send trucks out a total of 11 times.

"We had money left over in the snow account, about $29,000. We were able to move it to the road operations. They could do things such as widening the roads and the shoulders, that type of thing. Won't happen this year," said Faley.

He said the township put $75,000 in the budget for snow events this year.

He said they've only had to send plows out four times this winter but they've needed lay downs of salt and anti-skid fourteen times, so far.

At the rate it's going, Faley said they're planning on going over-budget.

"This is an ugly winter in terms of the demands on the road crews for the materials to put down," said Faley.

He said they plan to use money in their reserves for any further costs.

Faley says the costs won't impact South Middleton Township residents but they won't have the same luck as last year.

"That's life. Like i said, last year, 11 times, $29,000 in our pockets to put into road...widen them, sinkholes, that type of thing. Not going to happen this year. In other words, that gift is not going to be there," said Faley.

He said they'll be monitoring the roads for the remainder of Wednesday evening.

He said they'll be only doing "necessary plowing," meaning they'll send their trucks out if there is a build-up of slush in the roads.