Philly parade goers might face a shortage of portable toilets Thursday


PHILADELPHIA — It’s simple math, but it could be a problem for those planning to hit Philadelphia Thursday for the Eagles’ Super Bowl victory parade and celebration.

According to a report by NBC 10, there will only be 850 portable toilets spread out over the five-mile parade route, which stretches from Lincoln Financial Field in South Philly to the iconic steps of the Art Museum on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway.

How does that compare to other recent large-scale events in Philadelphia?

For Pope Francis’ visit in 2015, there were 3,000 portable toilets on hand.

For last year’s Philadelphia Marathon, there were 1,000.

And the crowd for Thursday’s parade is expected to be much larger than either of those events.

So let’s try some simple math. If 1 million people come to the parade, that means there will be one portable toilet available for every 1,176 people.

Why the shortage?

NBC 10 says most large-scale events, like the papal visit or the marathon, require months of planning. That gives organizers plenty of time to get more portable toilets in place.

In this case, organizers had just four days to get things together. There simply weren’t enough toilets on hand, according to NBC 10.

SEPTA riders will have the chance to hit the restroom before arriving at the parade route, according to NBC 10. Mr. John, a New Jersey-based supplier, will install more than 100 portable toilets at SEPTA stations in the city and the surrounding suburbs.

Otherwise, NBC 10 says, you might want to find a restaurant or bar on the way that will allow you to use the toilet.