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Taking a snow day at the Great American Outdoor Show

HARRISBURG, Pa. -- Wednesday might not have been a great day to be outdoors.

For many though, it was the perfect day to check out the Great American Outdoor Show.

Area roadways were a little slippery at times, but a wintry mix of snow and rain couldn't keep some people away.

Lines forming at the entrance to the Great American Outdoor Show prove there are some people who won't let the icy, wet winter weather stop them in their tracks.

Great American Outdoor Show show manager Chris O'Hara said "this is a four-wheel drive crowd that we have here, so they can make it to the show. They'll be here. It is a little bit slower start, but it's starting to build."

Midwest Whitetail Adventures co-owner Mark Knight said "I did worry about it, coming to the show today. Being serious. Wasn't many cars on the road, but seeing a lot of kids walk around, so people here are used to it. So, maybe they'll come on into the show."

Foot traffic appears to be picking up for vendors at the Great American Outdoor Show as many schools and businesses called for a snow day.

Kendall Fox said "my brother called me and said, 'you want to go to the Farm Show with the boys?' I said, sure. I talked to my wife, and she was glad to get them out of the house. So yeah, it's a fun place to be."

Andrew Fox said "I told them last week that if it snows, we'll come to the show. And that's what happened, so I had to hold up my end of the deal."

"Four boys, it's a lot of energy, so it's good to have something to do with them," Kendall Fox said.

For other visitors, the Outdoor Show means it's time to dress for the weather, and pick up some cold weather gear.

"We have some folks in the outdoor products east and west halls, that have clothing, hunting clothing, there's also gloves, there's lots of hats different things like that," O'Hara said.

Whether it's to shop or just get out of the house, a crowd used to the great outdoors wasn't going to let a little blast of winter keep them indoors on a day like this.

"We really don't let it affect us. In other years, unless its been a drastic blizzard , it really doesn't affect our show much. We enjoy it. I think people like it. Especially on the Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, if we happen to get that weather, brings out the guys who are serious buyers," O'Hara said.

A few kids also are serious about what a snow day means for them.

Student Owen Fox said "this is going to be fun."