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York Fair to consider moving earlier in the calendar

WEST MANCHESTER TWP., Pa. - Administrators at the York Fair are considering moving earlier in the summer months, potentially to July or August.

As part of a full review, fair organizers are hoping to expand the fairgrounds and renovate multiple on-site buildings in the long-term plan, but are also looking at moving America's First Fair earlier in the year.

"The fair becomes basically a 10 in the morning to 10 in the evening fair, a lot more daily activities, livestock shows can be held a lot earlier in the day, and so forth because the students and exhibitors are not in school," said fair CEO Mike Froelich.

For some neighboring businesses like West End Blendz in West York, they would welcome anything that boosts attendance.

"I think there would be way more people here," one of their barbers who simply goes by 'Wil the Barber' said. "Summertime will be perfect weather to go and it's hot, I'm not worried about it being cold wearing a hoodie, wearing too much to the fair."

Others in the area are hoping the fair remains in September for various reasons, including the welfare of livestock in agricultural displays and focus on nights and weekends.

"It's fine like that, because that's the time like where elderly people want to go and enjoy the fair during the day, when there's not kids riding around running around and stuff," said LeAsia Conley of York.

"Getting off school and being able to go there, they get like half days for student day, it's just like a tradition," said Lexy Hake of York. "I feel like it's going to mess up the whole York tradition."

Fair administrators said they will talk with vendors and agricultural program directors about the best way forward.

"We just think it would help boost the attendance," Froelich said. "It needs to be considered, and will probably take a good year or so just to kind of look at the logistics."