Both men charged in May 2017 incident that led to a man’s dog being shot, killed with cross bow

ADAMS COUNTY — Two men have been charged following a May 2017 incident where a man’s dog was shot and killed with a cross bow and the man’s truck was also stolen.

Nevin Weaver, of Lebanon, who was sentenced Wednesday, faces 18 months to 36 months in prison with five years probation following a guilty plea of conspiracy – kidnap to inflict injury/terror, according to online court documents. Two other charges, criminal attempt – kidnap to inflict injury/terror and simple assault were withdrawn.

Samuel Fisher, of Thomasville, was sentenced in September. He will serve up to five years in prison for theft and simple assault charges.

Previously: On May 11, shortly after 12:30 a.m., a man called 911 after two men, later identified as Fisher and Weaver, were caught trespassing on his property along the 300 block of Kilpatrick Road in Mt. Pleasant Township, according to the criminal complaint. The victim told troopers he awoke to the sound of his dogs barking outside. Initially when he went outside to see what was going on, he saw nothing. A few minutes later he heard one of the dogs “yelp” and saw Fisher and Weaver on his property. When the victim confronted the pair, they fled.

Troopers responded and spotted Weaver approximately 150 yards west of the property, running from a white Ford pickup truck, according to court documents. He was arrested and when Troopers searched the truck they found two bolt action rifles, an AR-15 and a sawed-off shotgun. Police also seized a black ski mask and two backpacks containing duct tape, zip ties and gloves.

During the investigation, authorities learned that the victim’s yellow Labrador Retriever had been shot in the chest with an arrow from a crossbow, according to court documents. The victim’s pickup truck had also been stolen.

In an interview with state police, Weaver said that he and Fisher went to the home to “scare” the victim’s daughter. Weaver said he acted as a lookout while Fisher went into the residence armed with a crossbow and pistol. Weaver told state police Fisher shot a dog that was barking with a crossbow.

Fisher was arrested later that day at his home along the first block of Airport Road in Bethel. State Police found the victim’s stolen truck in Fisher’s driveway.