CENTER STAGE: Re-live a flash of your past in “First Date,” for Valentine’s Day with Prima Theatre

LANCASTER, Pa. - We've all been there - either a blind date, or just a bad first date. And we've all made those mistakes: bringing up an ex, talking too much about your future, showing your true colors too soon or your fake ones that are a put off. But somewhere down the line, it also worked out.

The awkward first date, exaggerated to the fullest with the battle of the voices in your own head, bring out the hilarious, true (and sometimes naughty) experiences most of us have been through.

The 2012 Broadway hit "First Date," is performed by Prima Theatre at Triode Media Group in the southern part of Lancaster City. Bringing together a cast quite literally from across the country, you can re-live your best (or worst) experiences on your own first date, or with your love of decades, from Friday Feb 9th through Feb 24th.

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