Cloudy start Monday, but drier with more sun during the afternoon

Clouds give way to more sunshine Monday afternoon. There’s a bit of a breeze, with temperatures in the lower 40s.



Winds gust up to 25 miles per hour, so wind chill values Monday afternoon feel like the lower 30s.

QUIET START TO THE WEEK: It’s a quiet start to the week now that this past weekend’s system finally exits. There are lingering foggy spots through the early morning, but the breezes pick up, and this helps clear out the fog. Temperatures drop into the 30s by daybreak. The clouds linger through the morning, but more sunshine works in for the afternoon. Temperatures make it into the lower to middle 40s with a bit of a breeze remaining. Skies are clear for the overnight period. Temperatures turn quite frigid, with readings falling into the middle teens to lower 20s. The winds are light to quiet by daybreak. Tuesday brings plenty of sunshine. There could be a passing interval of clouds. Expect chilly afternoon temperatures in the middle to upper 30s.



Temperatures jump during the middle of the week. 60’s are likely by Thursday!

MIDWEEK WARMING WITH SHOWER CHANCES: A warming trend takes place through the middle of the week, but shower chances also return. Wednesday brings partly sunny skies ahead of the next system. Afternoon high temperatures are even milder! They reach the lower 50s. Some showers are likely into the night, and some more showers are still possible into Thursday, but it looks very likely there will be dry time too. Temperatures are in the upper 50s to lower 60s! Shower chances still remain overnight Thursday, and likely linger into Friday morning. Temperatures are in the 50s, but could begin to drop a bit during the afternoon as the breezes pick up, trying to draw in chillier air.



WEEKEND OUTLOOK: The weekend sees a chilly start on Saturday, but that doesn’t last long. Skies start sunny on Saturday, then clouds increase ahead of the next system. It’s weak, so it doesn’t bring any precipitation for us. Temperatures are chilly, with readings in the 30s. The clouds are out of here by Sunday, with plenty of sunshine. Some clouds could try to sneak in much later during the day, but sunshine is abundant either way. Temperatures take a huge jump. They are in the upper 40s to lower 50s.



Have a great Monday!