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Police investigating rash of catalytic converter thefts from cars in Manheim, Lancaster townships

MANHEIM TOWNSHIP, Lancaster County — Manheim Township police are investigating multiple reports of thieves stealing catalytic converters from parked cars in Manheim and Lancaster Townships.

According to police, the theft of a catalytic converter requires the vehicle to be raised by a jack, but it requires just a few minutes for a skilled person to remove the part.

Many of the thefts were observed by citizens, but because the suspects were wearing reflective vests, people assumed they were from a repair or towing company, police say.

Catalytic converters can be sold to scrap dealers for cash, according to police.

Police say there are two suspects in the thefts. The first is a black male, age 25-30, with an average build and dreadlocks. The second is a black male, age 25-30, with average build and cornrows. They were seen in a dark gray Dodge Caravan with Connecticut registration, police say.

Anyone with information about the suspects, or who sees someone performing similar actions, should contact police immediately.