Recent shootings in York prompt Group Violence Initiative actions from police

YORK — The York City Police Department determined that two shootings on consecutive days earlier this month were Group Violence Initiative events.

As a result, the GVI’s Support and Outreach team visited five homes of victims and participants in the shootings, which occurred on the 500 block of West Princess Street on Feb. 4 and the first block of East College Avenue on Feb. 5.

The home visits offered the families the message that police want to see everyone safe, alive and out of prison, York Police say. A card with a phone number to call 24 hours a day for services ranging from groceries to job training and employment was given to each family, according to police.

Along with the Support and Outreach Group, there were several law enforcement actions conducted within 48 hours of the shootings. Those actions continued over a three-day period, police say.

Probation visits, traffic enforcement, and foot patrols were all part of the GVI law enforcement response, according to police. The goal is to reduce gun violence and spread the consistent message that shootings and guns bring police to the affected areas. The York County Probation Office and the York County District Attorney’s Office assisted in the law enforcement effort, police say.

During a Probation a visit at 28 E. Maple St., police obtained and served a search warrant for the residence and recovered and seized drug paraphernalia.

The law enforcement details produced:

  • 53 contacts
  • 2 traffic citations
  • 1 criminal arrest
  • 1 traffic warning
  • 40 probation visits
  • 4 persons arrested warrants