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Repackaging scam discovered in Adams County

LATIMORE TOWNSHIP, Pa --  A woman in Adams County ended up with a bunch of packages she never ordered.

Police say it's part of a scam.

The woman in Latimore Township started receiving the packages at her home last week.

Latimore Township Police Chief  Mike Weigand is now calling it a re-packaging scam.

He considers the packages stolen items, saying all of the items inside are worth almost $50,000.

They were shipped to the local woman's house after someone hacked into the companies computer system to place bogus orders.

Chief Weigand said, "Some major vendors of electrical components had shipped items supposedly to companies that they're billing information was hacked and these purchases were made, shipped to our resident who in turn was asked to ship them overseas to the United Kingdom."

When some of the packages were returned, the woman called police.

She isn't going to be facing any charges.

That's because authorities don't believe the woman was involved in the scam, besides unknowingly being sent the packages.

The chief says if you end up receiving packages you never ordered and are asked to resend them to another address - it's a scam.

Let your local police know.

They can file a report and find out where the packages actually belong.