Sierra Club, Talen Energy reach agreement on the future operation of Brunner Island facility

YORK HAVEN — The Sierra Club served a Notice of Intent to sue Talan Energy’s Brunner Island Steam Electric Station under various statutes related to the station’s coal operations.

But the Sierra Club and Brunner Island have already reached a global settlement of all the issues raised in the Notice of Intent, according to Talen Energy, which owns the facility.

Under the settlement, Brunner Island agrees to operate only on natural gas during the ozone season (May 1 through September 30), starting in 2023. The facility also agreed to cease coal operations after December 31, 2028, Talen Energy said in a statement.

The agreement allows for use of coal during the ozone season before December 31, 2028, subject to limits on annual CO2 and ozone season NOx emessions, as well as during emergencies, as determined by PJM Interconnection, the owner of the electric grid, after December 31, 2028.

The Brunner Island station has dual-fuel capability, which means it can operate on coal, natural gas or in a combination of the two.


The settlement will be memorialized in a Consent Decree, filed concurrently with the Complaint.  The Consent Decree will be reviewed and approved by the United States District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania and fully resolves all of the Sierra Club’s claims against Brunner Island.