MD woman who broke into cabin, stole six handguns found guilty

Jessica Summers

DAUPHIN COUNTY — A Maryland woman who broke into her parents’ cabin in Dauphin County and stole six handguns was found guilty by jury Wednesday, according to a Dauphin County District Attorney’s Office release.

Jessica Summers, 31, and her husband traveled two hours from Westminster, Md. to steal the firearms. She faced one count of theft of firearms.

Two of the six guns were later recovered in Baltimore — one from the front right pocket of a murder victim and another during an unrelated search of a drug dealer’s house, the release states.

Summers told detectives from a Maryland police department that she used to buy heroin on the same street corner where one of the guns was recovered, the release says.

“We hear a lot about cases in the news of illegal guns getting into the hands of criminals, and ask where all these guns are coming from,” Deputy District Attorney Ryan Shovlin remarked after the case. “This case shows how easily it happens: addicts stealing guns and trading them for drugs on the street. Sadly, it also shows the level of desperation involved in heroin and opiate addictions. The defendant helped put six guns in the hands of criminals in order to feed her addiction. It will be a miracle if any more are recovered and no one gets hurt.”