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Warm on Thursday with more shower chances that last through the night

Thursday brings mild temperatures, but also plenty of clouds. A few showers are possible, but most arrive during the evening.



Showers become more widespread again Thursday evening.

WARM WITH MORE SHOWERS: Temperatures remain mild through the rest of the work week, but Thursday is the warmest of them all. A few leftover light showers are likely through the morning, with some areas of haze, fog and drizzle possible. Readings begin in the 40s. Dry time works in through the morning and into a good portion of the afternoon. A few showers can’t be entirely ruled out, however, during the day. The best chance is during the latter part of the afternoon and through the evening. Temperatures are in the upper 50s to lower 60s! Shower chances still remain overnight Thursday, and likely linger into early Friday morning. Hazy, foggy and drizzly pockets are also possible before winds start to increase. Temperatures are in the 50s through late morning, but could begin to drop into the 40s during the afternoon as the breezes continue to pick up, trying to draw in chillier air.



There’s the potential for snow Saturday evening and night, potentially with a wintry mix for some.

WEEKEND OUTLOOK: The weekend sees a chilly start on Saturday, but that doesn’t last long. Skies start sunny on Saturday, but we’re watching a system to the south that develops along a stalled front. Computer models are indicating a wave that rides along it, and it could come close enough to us for some snow Saturday evening and overnight. If it’s far enough north, some could even see some brief mixing. We’ll monitor the trends and keep you updated on this new development. Temperatures are chilly, with readings in the 30s. The clouds are out of here by Sunday, with plenty of sunshine. Some clouds could try to sneak in much later during the day, but sunshine is abundant either way. Temperatures take a milder turn. They are in the middle to upper 40s.



NEXT WEEK: Monday brings the next chance for showers. Timing looks like it’s trending later into the day. It’s still mild with temperatures in the middle 40s to lower 50s. Shower chances likely linger into Tuesday. Temperatures could be quite warm, with readings potentially pushing 60 degrees! There’s still the chance for showers, with even warmer temperatures. Expect readings in the 60s, but they could get a little higher than that! Stay tuned!



Have a great Thursday!