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Organic Remedies Dispensary opens its doors for business

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HAMPDEN TOWNSHIP, CUMBERLAND COUNTY, P.A. --- Central Pennsylvania's first medical marijuana dispensary opened its doors Friday morning

Organic Remedies Dispensary is the second dispensary in the commonwealth to begin sale of medical marijuana, following a dispensary in Butler County.

Patients like Austin Finnegan from Dillsburg said it's been a long time coming.

"It's been a blessing today to actually be able to go in there and do this," said Finnegan.

Once inside, Finnegan said it's an experience similar to any pharmacy with a wait time.

"You talk to some pharmacists in there before you get your product. They talk to you about what would be best for you and what would work for you," said Finnegan.

The Department of Health says patients with one of 17 "serious" medical conditions can access the medicinal drug.

However, the dispensaries aren't a one-stop shop for customers.

"We've had actually patients come in with medical marijuana cards from other states...There's no reciprocity right now so they must have a Pennsylvania-issued medical marijuana card and a government-issued photo ID," said Eric Hauser, President & CEO of Organic Remedies.

Julie from Lebanon said getting medicinal cannabis products is for "better quality of life."

"I have Lupus and I would spend a good four days in bed, per week, at least. I was in bed all the time," she said.

Finnegan said the opening in central Pennsylvania is a relief having the convenience of a dispensary closer to home.

"I get to go home, I'll finally be able to sleep tonight for once due to my insomnia and what not. I'll actually get relief for my autoimmune disorders that I have so I'm going to be very happy for the next few days being able to legally do this and not have to watch my back, you know?" said Finnegan.

More dispensaries permits have already been issued to business in several other locations including Lancaster, Steelton, Carlisle and Hanover