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Wet and mild Friday, then colder with snow late Saturday

Showers slowly taper and end during the afternoon.




Temperatures are still in the 50s for most during the first half of the afternoon, but cold begins to drop temperatures past 2 P.M.

WARM WITH MORE SHOWERS: There’s been plenty of showers through the night, and they linger through the first half of Friday. Hazy, foggy and drizzly pockets are also likely before winds start to increase after daybreak. The showers slowly end through the afternoon. Temperatures are in the 50s through the midday hours, but begin to drop into the 40s during the latter part of the afternoon as the breezes continue to pick up, trying to draw in chillier air. Wind gusts are up to 35 miles per hour, making wind chills feel like the 30s during the late afternoon and 20s for Friday evening plans. Temperatures plummet fast during the evening and continue to fall through the night. Readings fall into the 30s during the evening, and overnight low temperatures drop into the lower to middle 20s.



A steady snow moves through the area late Saturday and into the evening. It tapers to snow showers around midnight and then ends shortly after.

WEEKEND OUTLOOK: The weekend sees a chilly and sunny start on Saturday, but that doesn’t last long. Clouds increase during the afternoon, with temperatures in the middle to upper 30s. A system develops and passes us to the south late Saturday through Saturday night. It brings mainly snow for the region, starting around 4PM-5PM out west and then overspreads. Early during the evening there could be some brief mixing to the south and southeast, but it should quickly become all snow, and enough for several inches. Much of the area sees the potential for 2-5” inches of snow, but there could be some smaller amounts on the order of 1-2” to the northwest depending on how far north the heaviest snow reaches. The snow tapers from west to east from about 11 P.M. to 3 A.M.  The clouds are out of here by daybreak on Sunday, with plenty of sunshine. Temperatures take a milder turn. They are in the lower to middle 40s.



NEXT WEEK: Monday brings the next chance for showers. Timing for most of the activity should be mainly during the afternoon. It’s still mild with temperatures in the middle 40s to near 50 degrees. Shower chances are still possible Tuesday, but there should be much more dry time than showers. Temperatures are quite warm, with readings well into the 60s! There’s still the chance for showers, with even warmer temperatures. Expect readings in the 60s, but they could get a little higher than that! Thursday is partly cloudy, quiet and cooler. There could be an isolated shower or two.



Have a great weekend!