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CrossFit gyms in Central Pa. workout in honor of fallen U.S. Marshal, Deputy Christopher Hill

HAMPDEN TOWNSHIP, CUMBERLAND COUNTY, Pa. -- It’s been a month since Deputy U.S. Marshal Christopher Hill was killed in Harrisburg.

To honor Hill, CrossFit gyms throughout Central Pennsylvania scheduled a special early morning workout.
No pain, no gain... right?
"Pushing yourself for those twenty, thirty minutes, is nowhere compared to the ultimate sacrifice they make everyday," said Kate England, an attendee.
The pain felt by athletes at Condor CrossFit in Hampden Township honored one of Central Pennsylvania’s bravest, fallen U.S. Marshal, Deputy Christopher Hill.
“There’s moments where you want to stop and you want to take a break, but in workouts like this Chris Hill one, in the middle of it, you start to remember that, you know, pain is somewhat temporary, and there’s lots of individual who have made much harder sacrifices than just working out," said Eric Wolfe, a coach at Condor.
CrossFit gyms in our area scheduled a workout of the day or a ‘WOD’ in honor of Hill.
Pushups, shoulder overheads, and squats to keep the memory of Hill alive... all while burning some calories.
It’s part of the CrossFit Hero WODs program.
"A great way to not only continue to remember our American heroes and our armed forces but to also measure progress is to kind of create a workout in memorization of these fallen individuals and fallen heroes," explained Wolfe.
Deputy Hill was killed while serving a warrant in Harrisburg. He’s one of many who put their life on the line so others can live without fear, which is why this teacher supported the cause.
"My husband is currently deployed with the 28th ID, so it’s something that, you know, him being a military member, him also being a us marshal, you can never fully understand what they go through everyday, in their daily life, in their job," said England.
Some say, ‘champions don’t show up to get everything they want — they show up to give everything they have’ — and that’s a sentiment felt by many towards Deputy Hill.
“There are those who’ve given up more than just a sweat and a workout for one morning," said Wolfe.
Condor CrossFit accepted donations for Deputy Hill's wife and two children today. You can donate here.