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‘Ask Evan’: “What’s the story with the State Police hat chin straps?”

This week's 'Ask Evan' question comes from Mary P in York County.   She ask, "Why do the Pennsylvania State Police wear their hat chin straps right under their lips instead of under their chins?  It seems odd, but i see it all the time?"

I went to the public information folks with PSP, and I learned a few things about the hats and the chin straps.  I'm told Pennsylvania State Troopers actually have two styles of hats-- called campaign hats.

There is a winter hat that you are most likely referring to.  It's made of felt and includes a leather hatband and chin strap.  State Police regulations indicate that the strap is to be worn "extending across the point of the chin".  However, the public information officer tells me that sometimes during the course of duty the strap may "end up creeping under the trooper's lip."

The other hat State Police wear is called a straw campaign hat that is worn during the warm weather months.  With this version the strap is actually worn behind the trooper's head.  Two different hats essentially worn two different ways.

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