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Central York School District, police investigating multiple social media threats made against schools

YORK COUNTY, Pa.– UPDATE: Police are investigating a second social media threat against the Central York School District’s middle and elementary schools.

The Central York School District released this message on its website:

Please be aware that police are currently investigating a second social media post that includes a threatening statement about our middle and elementary schools. As a result of this post and while police investigate, we will not hold outside recess or activities today.

We will share any updated information as it is available and are working closely with police to monitor the situation.

If you have any additional concerns or information, please do not hesitate to law enforcement officials.

Thank you.

Central York School District

The Springettsbury Police Department posted this message on its website:

On Monday, February 19, 2018, the Springettsbury Township Police Department was made aware of a potential school violence threat at Central York High School. The department, working in conjunction with school officials, began an investigation into the threat, its basis and validity. It was discovered that the threat was based on a student reporting that while walking in the hallway of the school he heard another student say to someone else in the hall “Don’t come to school tomorrow”. The student who overheard this comment took proper action and reported it to School staff who immediately notified our police department. An uninvolved student who heard this information passed it onto several others through social media, which began gaining details not based in fact, as it was passed from person to person. Springettsbury Police and School staff worked together through the day and night monitoring social media and pursuing all information. Springettsbury Township Police brought in additional Officers and Detectives who worked throughout the night following up and speaking with every person who potentially had a part in the incident. At this point in the investigation, no threats have been uncovered.

The Springettsbury Township Police Department takes the safety of our students very seriously. We will relentlessly pursue any and all threats and potential threats to our schools. We would like to thank all school officials, parents, and concerned citizens who contacted both the department and the school with information regarding this potential threat. It is only through this level of cooperation that incidents of this nature can be addressed and our children can be assured the safest school environment possible. Please remain vigilant and follow the mantra “If you see something, say something”.

Sadly, as I am writing this, we are pursuing another threat to our schools and will give it as much attention as the above threat. All substantiated threats against our schools will be legally prosecuted to the greatest extent possible.

PREVIOUSLY: Central York High School is set to have an additional police presence today after an alleged social media threat was brought to the attention of officials.

The Central York School District released the following message on its website:

Late last night and into this morning, we received numerous reports of a social media post suggesting rumors of a possible threat to Central York High School school. Springettsbury Township Police and Northern York Regional Police have been investigating this post and the rumors since last night.

The police have said they cannot substantiate this threat and cannot verify it as a credible threat at this time. We will proceed with school as normally scheduled.

We will have additional police presence at our high school today as a proactive measure. If you are concerned for your child’s safety and wish to keep him or her home from school today, that absence will be excused.

The safety and security of our faculty, staff and students is our utmost concern. If you have concerns or hear rumors, please do not hesitate to notify school officials. We treat all information received seriously and share with law enforcement officials so they may investigate fully.

Thank you.

Central York School District

According to the school district’s Twitter, that message was also sent out to parents, faculty and staff by either e-mail or telephone as well: