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Central York School District put on alert following several social media threats

SPRINGETTSBURY TOWNSHIP, P.A. --- Late Monday night going into Tuesday morning, Central York School District officials say they were alerted to multiple reports of a threat to Central York High School circulating on social media.

An investigation by Springettsbury Township police and Northern York Regional police could not substantiate or verify a threat but a heightened police presence was sent to the high school.

However, officials say another social media post was discovered that threatened middle and elementary schools in the Central York School District.

Officials made the decision to cancel outside recess and activities for Tuesday.

Just last friday, authorities say two middle school students in the Central York School District were found to have a BB gun.

That came after a snapchat photo circulated showing one student holding the BB gun in the school restroom.

David Sunday, York County District Attorney, said they take any kind of threats, especially against a school, very seriously.

"This is something that law enforcement takes to heart, this is something schools act on very quickly and it's something that frightens parents and other students," said Sunday.

Sunday said the two most common charges for these incidents are terroristic threats and threaten to use a weapon of mass destruction.

Both charges, as misdemeanors, carry a maximum penalty of a five year prison sentence with a $10,000 fine.

As felonies, they carry up to seven year prison sentences.

Sunday said if extra precautions are needed for the threat, such as an evacuation, the penalty can increase.

"An individual could be held liable to pay all the costs of that evacuation, as well," said Sunday.

Authorities say they go all hands on deck whenever a threat is issued with interviews and investigations to learn the intent.

Sunday said if they find enough evidence surrounding the threat, they'll prosecute offenders to the full extent of the law.

"Even though the majority of these come out to be absolutely nothing, the fact that the threat, itself, was made or that the feeling of a threat was made is enough to cause great alarm," said Sunday.

Due to the active investigation, the Central York High School vs. Dallastown District Playoff Basketball Game previously scheduled for Tuesday evening will be postponed.

The Panther Pantry will. also, be rescheduled.

The Central York School District, however, is not the only one dealin with these problems.

Monday night, Williams Valley School administration in Schuylkill County became aware of a threat circulating online and had extra State Police Tuesday.

Last Thursday, two high school students in the Chambersburg Area School District were found in possession of BB guns on campus

On friday an 18-year-old man was charged with terroristic threats with the intent to terrorize another after threatening South Western High School in Penn Township, York County.