Local college basketball team helps Steelton girl with rare disease get her wish

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LEBANON COUNTY, Pa. - She loves Donald Duck.  And Daisy Duck.  And all things Disney.

Thanks to the Make-A-Wish Foundation and the Lebanon Valley College basketball program, Steelton's Aramya Riley will be going to Disney World.

For the second year in a row, the Flying Dutchmen hosted a Make-A-Wish game and orchestrated the official wish presentation for a local child.

This year's recipient is three-year-old Aramya Riley, who has an extremely rare type of epilepsy that has the medical community baffled.

"The genetic mutation has not been discovered yet," explained her father, Aram Riley.  "Pretty much the only hope we have is that this mutation will be discovered and we can get some answers as to how to proceed and how to help her throughout life."

Just last year, Aramya was hospitalized three times within four weeks.  But now she's approaching the one-year anniversary of being seizure-free, which is a milestone she's never reached before.

"Since the age of four months old, everything about her was slowed down and abnormal, and now things are starting to progress and pick up, "said Aram Riley.  "The longer we go without a seizure, the more she develops, and that's really what we're aiming for."

Nobody was surprised that Aramya's wish involved Disney.

"She recognized Disney since before she could talk, trying to mimic the words, the movements, and the sounds," Aram Riley said.  "She's always been a big Disney fan, so this is especially exciting for her."

Wish Granter Sherrie Davis agreed.  "Whenever I went for a visit or anything, usually it was a Disney thing that was on TV, and they were always so happy and really into it."

This isn't the first time Davis and Make-A-Wish have helped the Riley family.  Aramya's older sister, Maleah, has a type of neurofibromatosis, or NF1.  The condition is a genetic disorder in which tumors develop on nerve tissue.

Maleah got her own wish two years ago.

"She really wanted to go to Disney," said Davis.  "And you could see even at that time, Aramya really loved it.  So they kind of knew that when she got a little bit older, that's probably what she would want to do, too."

Aramya loves to dance, and her favorite song is "Watch Me Whip."  Now her friends and family are hoping to watch her whip epilepsy.

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