Police investigating Harrisburg home-invasion robbery


HARRISBURG — Police are investigating a home invasion robbery that occurred Thursday morning at a home on the 2100 block of North 4th Street.

According to Harrisburg police, an unknown male entered the residence through a dining room window on the first floor. A female resident, who was sleeping on the living room couch with her youngest son, told police the man woke her by splashing water on her face, pointed a gun at her, and demanded money.

The victim’s oldest son heard the confrontation and stepped out of his bedroom on the second floor, police say. The suspect then pointed the gun at him and took nine dollars from him, police say. The boy’s father then came down from the master bedroom, and the suspect demanded money from him as well, according to police.

Police say the father told the suspect that his money was downstairs. The suspect took the entire family downstairs and attempted to take them out the back door through the kitchen, police say.

But when the suspect walked out the back door and into the closed back porch, the father closed and locked the back door. The mother and younger son then ran upstairs and called 911, police say.

When officers arrived, the suspect had found a way to exit the porch and fled the scene. The suspect was described as a 5-9 to 6-0 tall male with a slim build. He was wearing faded jeans and sneakers that glowed in the dark. He had gray work gloves. He wore a mask that was described as that of “a white older male with his face melting off.”

The handgun the suspect displayed was described as a black semi-automatic pistol, police say.

Anyone with information relevant to this incident is asked to contact Harrisburg Police at (717) 558-6900.