More showers Friday, with a steadier rain arriving for parts of the weekend

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Expect plenty of showers throughout the day on Friday. Temperatures are chilly, and slow to rise into the lower 40s.



Bring the umbrella for Friday evening plans.

CHILLY & DAMP END TO THE WEEK: A front remains stalled just to our south, and brings a damp end to the week. The morning starts with dreary conditions, and also chilly temperatures. Some spotty showers or drizzly pockets are possible, with some hazy and foggy spots too. Readings are in the middle to upper 30s. The readings are slow to rise Friday, and spotty showers continue. Expect temperatures to reach to lower 40s by the evening after spending the afternoon near 40 degrees. Bring the umbrella for any Friday evening plans. Temperatures gradually rise a bit through the night. There’s still some showers, with temperatures a bit higher in the lower to middle 40s.



Showers continue through Saturday. A steady rain develops during the evening and lasts through Sunday morning before conditions turn drier.

DAMP WEEKEND OUTLOOK:  The weekend remains on the wet side due to the same stalled system. The next wave develops along it and approaches Saturday. It’s dreary with some showers, especially during the afternoon. Temperatures are a bit milder, with readings in the upper 40s to near 50 degrees. A steadier rain develops through the evening and lasts into Sunday morning. A decent soaking is possible, and we’ll continue to monitor potential flooding concerns. Rain lasts through the morning, then exits and leads to some sunshine during the afternoon. Highs are milder. Expect temperatures in the middle to upper 50s.



NEXT WEEK: ​Next week brings the opportunity for the Commonwealth to dry out. There’s plenty of sunshine Monday, with perhaps some passing clouds near the Mason-Dixon Line. Temperatures fall back a bit, with afternoon highs in the upper 40s to lower 50s. Tuesday brings another sunny day, with perhaps a few passing clouds. Temperatures are in the upper 40s to lower 50s once again. Wednesday brings an increase in clouds as the next system develops and approaches. The day should stay dry, with readings in the middle to upper 50s. Thursday is the day showers make a comeback into the forecast. Readings are a bit cooler, with temperatures near 50 degrees.



Have a great weekend!




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