York County family asking for the public’s help to find person who shot their cat with an arrow

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CHANCEFORD TOWNSHIP, YORK COUNTY, Pa. -- A York County family is grieving the loss of their pet cat after she was shot with an arrow and are doing everything they can to find answers so that the person responsible can be held accountable.

Jennifer Christy says she woke up last month, Thursday January 25th, to cat cries and knew something was terribly wrong.

"She was our family member, she was our pet," said Jennifer Christy, cat owner. "I woke up in the morning and heard the cry again and realized it was little girl, she`s an outside cat, immediately went out to the garage, followed the meow, and ended up in the eves of the attic in the crawl space," added Christy.

The family says they found the cat right hiding in between the rafters of their home and when they brought her down, they found this 3-foot-arrow lodged inside of her.

So they rushed their beloved 'little girl' to the vet.

"They said that the arrow had come through her chest cavity, she had air in her chest cavity, it missed her heart and lungs and came out through her neck. At that point they were not sure they could get it out," said Christy.

Christy says the vet had concerns that the cat would bleed to death, leaving her with no other option but to put her down.

"I don`t understand why someone would do that," said Christy's 10-year-old daughter, Autmn.

So they took it upon themselves to make flyers and offer a reward for information on who did it.

"I mean it wasn`t much, it was $250 dollars that my cat was worth to me for somebody to step up, do the right thing, fess up for what you did, it`s not right," added Chirsty.

Trooper James Spencer with the Pennsylvania State Police says with the new changes to Libre`s Law, the person who did this could face some serious charges.

"That person would actually be receiving a felony 3 grading of animal cruelty," said Trooper James Spencer, public relations officer, Pennsylvania State Police. "Unfortunately when it comes to animal cruelty it tends to be the gateway to something else," added Spencer.

And that`s exactly what Christy is concerned about.

"In the world that we live in today, is this going to lead to something worse,?" said Chirsty.

"Just turn yourself in, let us know and we`ll get you the help you deserve," added Trooper James Spencer.

"Somebody knows something. Somebody saw a change their kid, somebody knows something or saw something. Good, have a conversation with your kids man, and if it was an adult, shame on you, shame on you, you should get in trouble for it, shame on you," said Christy.

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