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North Carolina man facing charges after allegedly assaulting, attempting to strangle girlfriend in York

YORK COUNTY, Pa.– A North Carolina man is facing charges after allegedly assaulting and attempting to strangle his girlfriend.

Travis Kelly, 29, is facing strangulation, simple assault, and terroristic threats among other charges for the incident.

On February 22, police responded to York Hospital after being alerted an assault victim was in the hospital’s care.

Upon arrival, police learned that the victim had been assaulted in a home in the 100 block of E. 5th Avenue in North York Boro.

While speaking to the victim in the hospital, police noted that she had black and blue marks as well as scratches around her neck.

The victim told police that on February 19, she engaged in an argument with her boyfriend, Travis Kelly.

After visiting her nephews earlier in the day, the victim returned home to find her glasses broken and claimed that she knew Kelly had done it because she had spent the day visiting her nephews.

The victim told Kelly that she wanted him to leave, no longer wanted to continue their relationship, and that she had packed his things for him.

However, Kelly allegedly told the victim he was sick and didn’t want to leave.

The victim told police that she walked into the kitchen and Kelly followed her.

When she attempted to get away from him, Kelly allegedly grabbed the victim by the face and slammed her on the ground.

According to the criminal complaint, Kelly got on top of the victim, sat on her abdomen and began to choke her while saying “if I can’t have you then no one can.”

The victim told police that Kelly eventually let her up but made her sit on the couch while he told her about several items he planned on selling and threatened her with a knife.

Kelly allegedly said “you know what I could do with this” while waving the knife, and then grabbed a stuffed animal and cut its throat.

Then, Kelly attempted to grab the victim’s cat to cut its throat, but it got away.

The victim told police that she asked to go to the bathroom and Kelly let her, only to follow her and pick her up by the throat while pressing her up against a wall.

According to the victim, Kelly threatened to tie her up and beat her on the following day, and took away her keys and cell phone. He allegedly wanted to keep her inside the residence so that her injuries could heal and there was no way anyone would see them, according to the criminal complaint.

However, on Wednesday, February 21, the victim convinced Kelly to take her to the hospital for abdominal pain.

Kelly was taken into custody and transported to Central Booking.