‘Ask Evan’: “Why don’t Aquafina water bottles freeze?”

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This week's 'Ask Evan' question comes from Donna W.  Donna asks, "I would like to know why the bottles of Aquafina water do not freeze?"

This is the first I've heard of this, but apparently Donna is not alone in asking that question.  Rumors that Aquafina bottled water does not freeze have been a fixture of the internet for over a decade.  On internet forums and blogs, the claims are usually presented with strong innuendo about what nefarious chemicals Pepsico, the parent company of Aquafina, could be hiding in their products-- or that the water is radioactive.  The claim resurfaced with a 2016 YouTube video titled 'Aquafina doesn`t freeze'-- which has been posted on conspiracy-focused web sites.

Aquafina water is regularly tested, as are the sources from which it comes, and there is no evidence that it contains any more radioactivity than is expected of anything found in nature.

Some conspiracy sites also suggest that the chemical propylene glycol, which is used for a variety of purposes in processed food and drinks-- and which has antifreeze properties, could be the cause Aquafina`s purported inability to freeze.  However, it would take a significant amount of the chemical, which imparts a sweet taste, to significantly lower the freezing point of a bottle of water.

So, my research shows the water in Aquafina bottles do in fact freeze (I have one currently frozen in the freezer) and rumors that they don't simply are not true.

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